Pro bono

Inspired by our corporate values, our law-firm provides assistance to those who need it most. For that reason, in order to provide pro bono services we cooperate with the following non-profit organizations.


A non-governmental non-profit organization that has been working in the field of drug addiction help and prevention since its establishment in 1990. Through a network of programs and services SANANIM z. ú. created a comprehensive system of prevention, care, treatment, and re-socialization helping people with drug problems. SANANIM z. ú. also actively participates in the development of drug policies at all governmental levels, always emphasizing the protection of public health. The organization also provides help in the elaboration of realistic, well-informed long-term plans, defining the right procedures and realistic objectives in order to ensure financing of programs and initiatives treating drug abuse.

yourchance o.p.s.

yourchance o.p.s. promotes changes in the Czech education system by helping with the integration of children from socially excluded groups and assisting them in the process of beginning an independent life. yourchance o.p.s provides basic business education at secondary schools and universities, helps new entrepreneurs, teaches financial literacy to children in elementary and secondary schools, organizes financial and civic literacy projects and provides direct assistance to young adults during the critical time during which they leave orphanages to

Hilfsaktion Noma e.V.

A German charity that since its foundation in 1994 helped several thousands of children from Niger and Guinea-Bissau, sick or at risk of contracting the noma disease. Hilfsaktion Noma e.V educates and helps with the prevention, organizes and finances vaccinations of the population and helps deal with malnutrition. The association also organizes aid on the ground in Niger and Guinea-Bissau, where over the years a stable infrastructure has been created to facilitate the provision of ongoing medical support. To obtain additional funding the association founded the NOMA Endowment Fund in the Czech Republic in 2013.

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