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SANANIM z.ú. is a non-profit organization which since its foundation in 1990 has worked to counter drug addiction. SANANIM z.ú. provides assistance to people at risk of drug issues through a network of programs and services that together constitute a complex system of prevention, care, treatment and resocialization. They also actively participate in the creation of drug policy at all levels of government, with an emphasis on the protection of public health and the promotion of realistic, informed procedures, priorities and objectives. The fund encourages the evaluation of its services’ effectiveness, its financing and long-term planning.

yourchance o.p.s. promotes changes in the Czech educational system and in the system for integrating children from socially excluded groups and managing the beginning of their independent lives. yourchance o.p.s. provides education in business principles at secondary schools and universities, helps new entrepreneurs, aids training in financial literacy for elementary and secondary school children, teachers and the general public, offers financial and civic literacy projects and provides direct assistance to young adults upon their departure from orphanages.

Hilfsaktion Noma e.V. is a German charity which since its foundation in 1994 has helped several thousand children, mostly from Niger and Guinea-Bissau, who have become ill or are at risk of contracting noma. The association is active in education and prevention, they organize and finance vaccination and help deal with malnutrition. The association also organizes aid on the ground in Niger and Guinea-Bissau, where over the years a stable infrastructure has been created in order to facilitate the provision of ongoing support and operations. To obtain additional funding for this activity, in 2013 the association founded the NOMA Endowment Fund in the Czech Republic.

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