Price list

We provide our legal services based on a contractual fee based on an hourly rate or in exceptional cases a contractual fee based on the outcome of the dispute or a flat rate.

The contractual fee based on the hourly rate is charged depending on the duration of the provision of legal services according to the agreed hourly rate, whereas our hourly rate for legal services is between EUR 150 without VAT and EUR 300 without VAT, depending on the complexity of the case.

The contractual fee based on the outcome of the dispute can be negotiated in exceptional cases when the circumstances of the case allow it, whereby the client usually pays a reduced hourly rate to cover our costs and in case of success in the dispute the client is obliged to pay another agreed remuneration, usually 25 % of the amount which was the subject of the dispute, including all accessories.

The flat rate is negotiated either in the framework of a simple ordinary legal service, such as a separate attorney's safekeeping of funds and / or deeds, or in the case of a larger number of legal service acts based on the same legal basis, e.g. pre-litigation notices based on contracts with identical content.

In exceptional cases, in cases of ex officio representation and also when a client orders a legal service and we provide the service it without agreeing an exact fee, the fee is determined according to the attorney's tariff for each act of legal service according to the Order No. 177/1996 Coll.

The study of professional literature and court cases for a specific application of law and the preparing for a hearing before a court, arbitrator, administrative or other body or authority is a legal service that will be charged to the client.

In the case of disputes before courts, administrative bodies or arbitrators, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, we also receive the full remuneration for representing a party to a proceeding awarded by a court, administrative body or arbitrator for each proceeding where we will participate on behalf of the client in any way, even if only partially.

In case that we provide legal services to the client for the first time, an advance payment is the rule, and the provision of legal services will start only after the required advance payment for the legal service has been paid. We also reserve the right to suspend the provision of legal services or to withdraw from a contract on the provision of legal services if the client is in delay with a payment of a due invoice.

Our law office is a payer of VAT and must as such charge the applicable VAT in addition to the fees for legal services.

We are also entitled to reimbursement of cash expenses efficiently incurred in connection with the provision of legal services, in particular court and other fees, travel expenses, postage, telecommunication fees, expert opinions, translations, copies and photocopies, etc.

Travel expenses are charged in accordance with generally binding legal regulations on travel expenses, and the client expressly agrees that the lawyer may use a car for a ride, including driving around the city, and undertakes to pay the related costs.

Compensations for missed time and travel time are charged at an hourly rate of 75 % of the hourly rate for legal services. Administrative activities of assistants and students (errands related to the provision of legal services, information provision, document scanning, etc.) and translation activities are charged at an hourly rate of 50 % of the hourly rate for legal services.

In case of any charging according to the hourly rate, every commenced quarter-hour is charged.

If an employee or proxy holder communicates on behalf of a client, this is considered to be the client's behavior unless the client explicitly excludes such communication. If the person acting on behalf of the client loses the right to act on his behalf, give an instruction, give orders or take over the work, the client is obliged to inform the attorney.

The law office undertakes to have underwriting liability insurance for at least CZK 50 million (EUR 2 million) for the entire duration of the legal service relationship.

The total remuneration for legal services and costs is charged to the client on a regular basis every month, with due date up to the 15th day of the following calendar month after its provision. Should such invoicing be ineffective, the law office may charge once per calendar quarter, half year or per calendar year. The billing of legal services also includes an overview of the acts of legal services for which the billing is performed, including the amounts charged for such acts.

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