MJZ legal - advokátní kancelář

Practice areas

Our law-firm offers legal services in all branches of Czech law.

MJZ legal - advokátní kancelář

In addition, our lawyers specialize in the following areas of law, areas in which they became renowned professionals over the years.

MAURIC JANÁK ZEITHAML s.r.o. advokátní kancelář has a Spanish department and a German department, which provide legal services to our Spanish and German speaking clients in their respective languages. Our subsidiary company MJZ Tax & Accounting Services s.r.o. also provides accounting and tax services, supplementing the services of our law firm.

Contract law

Preparation and modification of all types of contracts and commercial terms, including contracts and commercial terms with a foreign element.

Corporate law 

Constitution of companies. Transfer of shares, stocks and businesses. Legal and tax-accounting due diligence of companies. Resolution of disputes between shareholders, tax optimization, organization and assistance during general meetings of companies.

Labour law 

Preparation of employment contracts and agreements, competition clauses, confidentiality agreements and internal guidelines. Legal counsel on company restructuring, collective redundancies and remuneration of statutory bodies.

Business law

Legal counsel and advising on commercial transactions. Drafting of contractual documentation. Determination of the applicable law to rule the contractual relations between parties. Determination of the applicable jurisdiction. Legal protection of international investments.

Insolvency law

Representation of creditors and bankrupts, Legal counsel, and organization of the sales of assets. Preparation of plans for reorganizations. Cooperation with insolvency administrators.

Real estate law

Legal counsel on real estate transfers. Preparation of lease contracts. Comprehensive advice on development and investment projects. Preparation of construction and work contracts. Legal advice on matters regarding environmental damages. Representation in construction disputes.

Construction law

Legal counseling and representation in territorial and construction proceedings, preparation of objections against proposed territorial plans.

Industrial property

Drafting and presentation of applications for industrial property protection. Submission of applications for trademarks, inventions, and patent protection. Preparation of licensing and sub-licensing agreements.


Contractual regulation of the copyrights of employees, suppliers, and customers. preparation of contracts between co-authors, licensing and sub-licensing agreements, employee and collective works, statutory licenses.

Public procurement

Administration of public procurements. Preparation of tender and application documents. Representation of contracting authorities and suppliers in procurement procedures. Assessment of public procurement conditions and assistance in the process of choosing the right type of the procurement procedure.

Family law

Preparation of prenuptial agreements, matrimonial property and its settlement. Representation in divorce proceedings and in proceedings for the modification of regimes regulating the upbringing and maintenance of minors. Preparation of wills and representation in inheritance proceedings.

Procedural law

Comprehensive professional assistance with the goal of asserting the clients’ rights in civil court proceedings. Representation in court, in execution proceedings or in proceedings for the enforcement of judgments.

International divorces and inheritance

Representation in foreign divorce proceedings and other related proceedings. Representation of heirs in foreign succession proceedings and administration of assets located abroad.

Representation in criminal matters

Professional legal assistance in criminal proceedings. Preparation and execution of legal defense strategies in court.

Structural modifications of commercial companies

Comprehensive national and international corporate transformations, focused on the minimalization of costs and the maximalization of the economic benefit of the transformation.

International disputes and arbitration

Representation in international disputes and arbitrations. Recovery of international debt.

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