Euro-American Lawyers Group (EALG) is an international association of independent law firms which was founded in 1985. EALG directly unites law firms in 28 countries, providing contacts with partner firms worldwide. Our membership of EALG gives our clients the advantages of direct, rapid and effective access to legal services abroad, thanks to which we are able to provide legal advice on an international scale and defend the interests of our clients anywhere worldwide.


The Czech-German Chamber of Commerce is the largest bilateral foreign Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. With a worldwide network of 130 bilateral foreign chambers of commerce, ČNOPK offers our clients many convenient services when starting business abroad.


The International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) is one of the most important international organizations dedicated to the development of and progress in the field of industrial and intellectual property. AIPPI includes 64 national and regional groups from more than 100 countries, keeping us informed of the latest global developments in this field of law.

Pajares & Asociados Abogados

A Spanish law firm with more than 60year history and general practice and with a network of collaborating law firms in many states around the world, especially in Latin America. Besides the provision of legal services, this law firm is capable to arrange business contacts in all countries of its province. For more information please visit:

MAURIC JANÁK ZEITHAML s.r.o. advokátní kancelář | Law Firm

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