Antonín Janák

Attorney at law, Managing Partner


Antonín became an attorney at law in 1976 and he has been actively and uninterruptedly practicing law ever since. In 1980 Antonín obtained the juris doctor degree (JUDr.) and later in 1990 founded his own law firm JANÁK ZEITHAML & spol. which in 2019 merged with the law firm Mauric & Janák into MAURIC JANÁK ZEITHAML s.r.o. advokátní kancelář. Antonín provides a wide range of legal services with a special focus on intellectual property law, property law, civil law and business law.



Czech, Slovak, English, Russian


MAURIC JANÁK ZEITHAML s.r.o. advokátní kancelář

nám. T. G. Masaryka 142, 261 01 Příbram