MJZ legal - advokátní kancelář

Mauric Janák Zeithaml s.r.o. advokátní kancelář

The success of our clients
is our highest priority

We offer decades of experience and innovative solutions

MJZ legal - advokátní kancelář
MJZ legal - advokátní kancelář

Our values

Trust, professionality, honesty

We perceive the Law as a means that provides an opportunity to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner, and a possibility to reach solutions acceptable for all parties. Our job is to protect the prosperity and welfare of people, thus contributing to the proper development of society as a whole. Through the Law, we help our clients to grow personally and professionally, together overcoming the challenges that may arise.

We provide first-class legal services to all our clients, always seeking a long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship. We treat each client in an individual and personalized manner, with special emphasis on trust and honesty, values that we consider indispensable for the proper functioning of any professional and personal relationship.


Why choose us

We insist on precision

Our team will do its utmost to provide you with the best possible results. A meticulous preparation and precision are the bases of our work ethic.

MJZ legal - advokátní kancelář

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